make a dream 人と人、夢と夢の橋渡し



*Price isbased on a single day return. For further information, please ask.

Location (Directly managed stores)

Special Benefits

  • ●English GPS*, CD / digital audio, and ETC in-car materials are all equipped.
    *It will be available for 4 languages by Spring 2011.
  • ●ETC card is supplied on request basis. (Available on directly-managed stores only)*Please pay the toll amount in full by cash or credit card upon return.
  • ●Non-smoking car can be assigned.
  • ●Child seat is installed on vehicle on request basis. *The law requires children under 6 years old to use child seats.

Benefits of ETC system

Toll charge discounts! Discount systems such as “specified area discount” and “time of day discount” to be offered exclusively to vehicles fitted with ETC.
Breeze through! Vehicles can pass smoothly through toll gates. And drivers do not have to waste time making payments.

Safe insurance System
Rental Vehicle Coverage & Benefits
Personal Unlimited(Laibility up to 30million yen)
Collision damage Unlimited(Up to maximum amount per case)
Comprehensive Market value(Up to maximum amout per case)
Passenger Death 10million yen(Within passenger capacity)
Hospitalization JPY7,500 a day *Up to 180days from the time of accident
Outpatient JPY5,000 a day *Up to 180days from the time of accident
Aftereffect Depend on symptoms within the limitation of death benefit
Budget Car and Truck Rental